Flouris Group

From its foundation until today, Flouris Group has managed to establish itself in the Cretan market and beyond.

Stations in its course so far are 4 companies in its potential. THE ABC -DEVELPMENT & REAL ESTATE: construction of commercial - commercial buildings and quality houses throughout Crete, as well as its participation in development-investment programs of construction projects. THE AUTOBEST CENTER: the largest car trade company in Crete. The ABC RENTALS: one of the largest car rental companies that you are active in tourism with great success in recent years. ABC-TRAVEL: travel agency specializing in tourism. 

The successful business development of Flouris Group and the rapid expansion of its customer base in its years of operation are the best guarantees for the future course of the company.


At Flouris Group we consider our people as the most valuable factor in a successful course. The company has a specialized human resources consisting of experienced and reputable professionals